Games are a powerful way of penetrating the market with engaging, exciting and memorable experiences for consumers.
And yet, marketers don’t use them enough, which is funny when you consider that advertisers treat their own industry like a game.
Creatives are competitive at heart and, despite what they may say, the accolades matter. Advertising people want to play the system and win awards. Awards substantiate their work and make them feel valued in a harsh and unforgiving industry.
This is why award shows like Cannes, and publications like Campaign Brief, are such big talking points for ad people.
So how do we encourage advertisers to use play marketing? By tapping into their already gamified world, and turning it into one big online game.
Introducing Ultimate Agency. The virtual game that turns the Ad industry into an online competition.
What exactly is Ultimate Agency? It's a way for you to be the COO of your own Creative team, one in which you -- and only you -- determine which creatives you want to employ. You select a roster of advertising creatives for your team and use their real-life statistics (awards, accolades and Campaign Brief Rankings) in order to compete against other similarly selected teams to see which owner wins.

As the award season unfolds, each award show, the real-life performance of the creatives you have decided to put into your starting lineup will help determine the success or failure of your Ultimate Agency. It's up to you to bench slumping creatives, to work the talent pool to grab that hot freelancer, or to try to wheel and deal to get rid of that aging senior before the wheels fall off in exchange for a junior about to clean up at the ADDY Awards.

It's incredibly easy to get started right here at All it takes is a few simple clicks to join your agency’s league. The advertising agency with the highest scoring Ultimate Agency team will be recognised and win the coveted UA Cup.

   a. You must select a total of 20 Creatives before the commencement of round one (D&AD Awards 23-May-19).
   b. You must select exactly 6 Creative Directors, 8 Creatives, 4 Directors, 2 Clients.
   c. You will need to select your Team within the initial $9 million Salary Cap that you are provided with.

   a. In order for your Team to perform at its best, edit your starting line-up of 13 Creatives prior to the start of each Round (Award Show). This can be done by                 making both Trades and Substitutions.

   b. Up until Round 1 (D&AD Awards 23-May-19) you can make as many Trades as you like, but after Round 1 you are limited to two Trades per round.

   c. Select 4 Emergencies each week so that if one of your starting Creatives is not nominated for an award, your Emergency Creative’s Score will be used as a              replacement. An Emergency has to be from the same position in the creative team as your missing creative for their Score to count.

   d. Choose your Captain wisely as they will earn double points. If your Captain doesn’t play, your Vice-Captain’s Score will be doubled instead.

   a. Before the Round (Award show) begins you can edit your team as many times as you like. To assist with making your decisions, you can view more detailed            statistics on Campaign Brief.

   b. Each Round you must select a starting line-up of 13 Creatives (4 Creative Directors, 6 Creatives, 2 Directors, 1 Client). You can name up to 4 Emergencies per         Round and these Creatives will be used as replacements for any of your starting line-up that do not play.

   c. The positions of your starting 13 are automatically arranged in the standardised positional format.

   d. You can only substitute Creatives who work in the same position. Make as many Substitutions as you like from Award show to Award show, but they must be            finalised prior to lockout.

   a. Drag the Creative you wish to substitute out and drop them on the Creative you want to substitute in or vice versa

   b. Associate Creative Directors (ACDs) – Associate Creative Directors can be played in both the Creative Director slot and Creative slot. If you have two Creatives         who have the same dual position listings (e.g. Associate Creative Director and Copywriter) you can substitute them for one another even if you have selected           them in different positions. However, if you only have one Associate Creative Directors (e.g. ACD and Art Director) in a position with no other appropriate                 Associate Creative Directors in your Team, then they will be restricted to the position that you originally picked them in. Associate Creative Director                           Substitutions on your Team do not count as New Hires.
   a. There is no limit to the amount of New Hires you can make prior to the commencement of the Award Season and up until the beginning of the Round 1 Lockout.

   b. After the completion of the Round 1 Lockout, you are allocated a maximum of two hires per round. The hires DO NOT accumulate, thus if you don’t use two               Hires one round you are still limited to only two Hires the following round. You may or may not use your two Hires each round; that is up to you!

   c. If you are unhappy with a Hire, you can reverse the Hire prior to the beginning of the Round.

   d. Hiring periods last from the end of the previous Round’s Lockout until the beginning of the next Round’s Lockout.

   e. When you Hire a Creatives, the difference between their Price and the Price of the Hired Creative will be added/subtracted from your Team Value.

   f. You cannot Hire if the Hire will cause you to exceed your Salary Cap. This means you can only Hire in Creatives whose Price is less than the Price of the                  Creative you are firing plus any unused Salary Cap.
   a. Make sure to choose a Department Head who you think will be the highest scoring Creative in your Team because your Department Head scores double points.

   b. If your selected Department Head isn’t nominated for any Awards, then your Associate Department Head’s Score will be doubled.

   c. You can change your Department Head & Associate Department Head right up until the start of the Lockout.
   a. Each week you can select up to 4 Emergencies. If for whatever reason, one of your starting Creatives is not nominated for an Award, an Emergency that is              selected in the same position as your original starting Creative will replace their Score. Your Emergency Creatives can only replace a maximum of four                    Creatives who don’t play for that Round.

   b. If an Emergency is required, but a COO has selected two Emergencies in that position, the lowest score of the two Creatives selected will count. However,               Emergencies scoring zero will not be considered the 'lowest-scoring' and will not be used.

   c. If there is no Creative selected as an Emergency in the same position as a Creatives who doesn’t play, then the Score for the Creative who doesn’t play will              remain as zero.

   d. Emergencies are selected simply by clicking the E button on a Reserve Creative’s name.

   e. All Emergencies must come from your Interchange Bench – it is not possible to have one of the existing Creative in your starting 13 as an Emergency.

   a. If a Creative you have chosen for your Creative Team is nominated for an Award and scores zero, then there will be no Emergency Score to replace this                  Creative.

   a. Creatives’ Prices change from Round to Round depending on how they have been performing over the previous weeks and months.

   b. The Creatives’ Prices will change based on a formula that takes into account their past performances. All Awards earned, Clients won, Agency Wins and                   Creative Brief Rankings relating to the Creatives since the start of the season are taken into account in the calculation of their Price changes, with a sliding               scale of weightings with the most recent Award receiving the highest weighting.

   c. The value of your Creative Team is calculated based on the total value of your Team of 20 Players, plus any unused money in your Salary Cap. The value of               your Creative Team effectively becomes your weekly Salary Cap and may increase or decrease depending on the Price changes of your Creatives.

   a. Leagues are open to anyone within an Agency.

   b. You may only compete in your Agency’s league.

   c. Finals are made up of the top 8 Teams at the end of Round 9 and your Leagues Finals Series begins in Round 10.
   a. The Stats Centre is where you head for all of your Creative research.

   b. It includes all the key statistics for all the Awards and accolades so far this year, with detailed information available on all of the individual Creatives.

   c. Check out the Creatives’ Price rises and falls to get a feel for who might be provided the best value for your Creative Team.
   a. Creative’s statistics and data in each Round can be viewed, along with their weekly scores. You can access Creative information by sorting according to filters         such as their average, price, agency or global ranking.
   b. Remember you can also add Creatives to your Favourites list in order to keep track of how various Creatives who you are keeping an eye on are doing in the           industry.
   c. You can also search for Creatives using the Search Bar.
   d. A Creatives’’s overall price change indicates how much their price has changed since the beginning of the Award season.
   e. Their weekly price change indicates how much their price has varied since last week.
   f. A Creative’s average Score is their total Score for the year divided out by the amount of Awards they have been nominated for.
   g. A Creative’s total Score indicated by all of the Ultimate Agency points they have accumulated for the entire year.
Dollar Per Point calculation provides Users with an indication of which Creatives are providing the most bang for your buck - i.e. what their price is relative to how many points they score on average.
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