We know that diversity is great for the workforce, but there's a problem. 
Jobseekers from diverse backgrounds face barriers at every turn and unconscious bias has the biggest impact when it's perpetrated by recruiters.
We need to alert recruiters to their bias and show them that the perfect applicant could be anyone.
Introducing - Fair Go by Facebook.
A new initiative that puts a relatable face on job applications.
When recruiters are flipping through applicants, we'll serve them with a profile they weren't expecting. Not a stranger, like they are used to, but a friend or family member accompanied by a statistical bias that people like them are facing.
They will then be taken to a list of applicants from that same demographic, that they might normally overlook.
We'll inspire change by bringing attention to unconscious bias and disrupt behaviour with a familiar face.
Fair Go - tackling unconscious bias by giving job seekers a real profile.​​​​​​​
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